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10 stocking stuffers anyone would love

One of my favorite traditions during Christmas is stuffing the stockings. I love it more than being the “elf” for Santa on Christmas night.

Stuffing a stocking allows you to give small, inexpensive gifts that fit each personality. I love a good challenge and find it satisfying when I feel like I have hit the jackpot! I like to find stuffers that I know people can use and will appreciate for the days to come.

Stocking stuffers don't all have to be things you order or find in a store. I remember growing up, my great grandmother would always put pecans (unshelled) and oranges in our stockings. I didn't really appreciate the small gestures then, but that was her mark. I think if her each time I see an unshelled pecan. It makes my heart smile. If you have children or grandchildren, find your "thing." They will love you for it later.

I know your busy. I know that some of you are finishing up your Christmas list and the rest of you, if you are like me, haven't even started. #nojudgement Drumroll please......

All of these items can be found using my affiliate links below:

Every woman or girl needs a stylish nail kit for her purse or travel bag. I mean, who has a good file when you need it?? Find it [here]

I also found the cute moscato wine glass for mom. Because, let's face it. Moms need wine. It will become her "go to" glass. Hakuna Moscato, the "no worries" glass for wine drinkers click [here]

Burt's bees hand repair click [here]

blue tooth beanie

Teenagers will love the bluetooth beanie. Not only teens. Anyone who loves to keep their head warm would love this gift. Keep warm and listen to your favorite tunes. Win! click [here]

hand lettering journal

HandLettering has become very popular. It is kinda like the adult coloring books. Even if you can't letter well, there is something pleasing and calming about sitting and following letter strokes. click [here]


Don't forget the markers [here]

The kid in me laughed when I saw the Reindeer Farts. The mom in me though "Farts, reallly? Maybe the former teacher in me or the mom of a five year old in me could've found a better word for farts. Either way, the stocking stuffer is funny and innocent Christmas humor. Well, and kits love cotton candy! Click [here]

Up for a good challenge? I mean, other than stocking stuffer findings? These IQ puzzles are great gifts for dads, teens, your STEM thinkers...just about anyone who wants, or has, time to sit and tinker. Our nephew, who is a senior, loves stuff like this. Click [here]

More for your sentimental types, this stocking stuffer rock, is a visual reminder of how much you love them 365 days a year. I guess it could be used as a paper weight...or weapon...just sayin'! It made the list because I love witty things. Click [here]

Where are my grill lovin' dads at? This is a hand tool to have! A grill scraper that is made to last! Click [here]

Why does it remind me of a ninja star???

Is there too much of a good thing? Like stainless steel cups? I mean how many can one family have, right? So here's the deal. I love them, but there is something about that lid touching the tip of my nose everytime I take a drink. Anyone else? Please! Tell me I am not alone! Then I found these handy dandy stainless steel straws and well...problem solved! Plus, ladies, it saves your lipstick from getting everywhere. Click [here]

Or if none of this looks appealing...get them a gift card. Everyone loves gift cards.

Happy Hunting!!!!!

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