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3 easy peasy steps to Copper Patina!

I have been dying to try this copper patina finish by Modern Masters. I saw someone do it on a YouTube once and fell in love! It is right up my alley and style, rustic, boho, and colorful!

Modern Masters Patina kit

I ordered a four ounce kit to start with. You can order bigger bottles but I wanted to make sure we got the hang of it first.

I decides to play around on a luggage piece that needed updating. It can be used in almost any surface. I think it looks fabulous on hardware!

Here is how I got started!

Patina primer

Step 1: I painted the hinges and the metal edging first with the primer. You will need two coats. Then I decided I wanted the entire side of the piece to have more of a patina look so I came back and painted the sides as well.

Step 2: you will take your copper paint and paint ONE coat. Let it dry good.

While your waiting for the first coat of copper to dry, get a spare spray bottle and pour a little of the green patina solution into it. You’ll need it before the next step.

Patina solution

: Paint a second coat of the copper paint on your piece! Before it dries, lightly spray the patina solution onto the wet paint!

Wait patiently. Still waiting? Wait some more.

i am not a patient person. I sprayed more thinking it wasn’t working. It was. I sprayed too much. Don’t be me. Be an patient professional.

If you were to end up like me and you realize you’ve sprayed too much, you can brush some copper back over it lightly.

patina paint finish

I posted this on my insta story. (Follow me on #insta I love the look. You can see where I had to go back in with the copper but I’m okay with that.

The possibilities are endless! It could be painted on so many awesome surfaces!

To get you you some of this awesome, head over here!

You're going to be so happy you did!

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