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My son has had a front row seat to my new adventures as a starving artist and entrepreneur. He has seen my role change from teacher to "mommas at home covered in paint" in the last 6 months. Crazy, maybe. Selfish, some might say. Dumb adult decision, possibly. But know this...

I prayed about it first. (God whispered)

I talked to my husband next. (He was more than supportive)

I consulted with my business coach. (She said to do the above two, then go for it)

I decided.

Some people sneered. Some joked. Some rolled their eyes. Some whispered under their breath about how stupid my decision was. About how I would be back in the classroom soon and regret this. About how my family will starve.

But most...cheered. Cheered me on, supported me. Shared my posts, hired me to paint for them. These are my people. The people that believe in me. I will go to bat for each and every person that is going to bat for me. Period.

My little man has witness all of this. He has witnessed me celebrate small victories, cry at times, fall from exhaustion, and travel more. He has not complained. He is my little sidekick and has been more than a cheerleader for me the past few months, alongside his daddy. Without the support of Mr. Cowboy and my little man, I could not do this. I might have given up a million times. My team (including them and others) has been my clutch and my rock. We trudge on. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I read a post once that took the guilt right out of my heart and replaced it with reassurance that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be. My business coach, Jennifer Allwood, once wrote about this. I was just letting the "noise" get to me. Mommas tend to do that. We strive so hard to do what we feel like is the right thing to do for our families...and many times not for ourselves.

What I didn't realize is that yes, us mommas need our kids to see us passionate about something else. But, they also need to see our talents and abilities. They need to see us create, or make, or just simply do what makes our hearts tick, besides be a momma.

Most often, even teachers try so hard to make a creative learning environment while making sure they are covering the required content. But listen. It is hard. Curriculum is tougher, tests are tougher, wages are NOT higher, and requirements are taxing. Teachers are exhausted. Trust me. I lived it.

Rewind back to the top...when "I decided." I never realized how much my son was paying attention. He was. He is.

Last week I was getting ready for a show. He asked me if he could make something for me to sell in my booth. Of course, I said yes. He got out paper, his water colors, and some other supplies from his "spot" in my workroom. He painted four pictures. He even signed them.

Once they dried, he gathered them up and reminded me not to forget them. I promised I wouldn't. This became a lesson on entrepreneurship. Money, time, and supplies versus what we should price them at. People. This. Was. Momma. Gold. Know what I mean? Super proud moment.

So here we are in Ballinger, Texas at the warehouse. Here is his display I set up for him. I hope he does well.

Wrap up: Your children are watching. Even when you don't think they are. They see you momma. Maybe creativity isn't your gift. That is okay. God made us all with different gifts. But your kids need to see yours, so they will be brave enough to use theirs.


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