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I. Am. Free.

I. Am. Free.

I haven’t been able to post much lately. I apologize for being absent. I had something I had to get off of my chest. And I did.

I underwent explant surgery for removal of my breast implants. You may remember that I blogged earlier this year how sick they were making me.

Seriously sick. I felt like I was falling completely apart some days. Head fog, chronic fatigue, severe aching in my joints, chronic inflammation, unexplainable weight can read the rest here.

(And as a side note, I had been tested over and over. Everything would come back clear. That’s actually normal for BII. This was frustrating. I knew something was causing all of my pain.)

That post wasn’t easy for me. Many people didn’t, and still don’t, believe me, including family. I had to tell my story. I am so glad I did.

I have had friends who have decided not to go through with breast augmentation, friends who are now researching how to get theirs out, and even people who are just saying thank you for shedding light on this subject. There are still many women out there who are not connecting the dots. Someday. Hopefully sooner than later!

The FDA has made a few moves this week to help this situation but they have so much more to do. Allergan has pulled some of their implants off of the market. The textured kind that have directly been linked to a lymphoma type cancer.

My implants were not the textured kind. I knew that in the beginning. But I had no idea what implants were inside of me. I knew they were saline smooth.

I consulted with two plastic surgeons before deciding, my original, and one on the recommended list from the Facebook group I’m in. My original plastic surgeon said she could drain them in office, a fairly quick procedure.

Excuse me, whaaa??? Yaaah no!

When I asked about taking all of the tissue out around the implant, she really didn’t think that was necessary and said it gets really messy. I was adamant I wanted a total capsulectomy. This is where they will take the implants out whole while scraping any scar tissue that has developed around the implant. (When you have a toxic shell inside your body, chemicals leach out and your body builds scar tissue to protect itself from the foreign substances.) Those have to come out. I then consulted with Dr. Heistein in Ft. Worth. He does believe in BII. He actually does total capsulectomies and explants 4-5 every day. He has a very good reputation.

I scheduled the first surgery I could with him, July 23.

He did everything I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything left from these implants. He even gave me my implants back.

Immediately post surgery, my husband said my complexion is the best it had looked in years.

The funniest part was when he took me back to the hotel, we didn’t have a wheel chair to get me to the room, so he put me on a luggage cart! Thankfully no one got a picture of that. 🤣

I haven’t felt an ounce of joint pain, I feel like my head is so much clearer, and I can actually breathe without 50 extra pounds on my chest. More symptoms will improve and I am not 100% immediately. I know it will take time. I will start working on healing my gut and removing toxins that have traveled through the body.

When I looked at my implants, I saw they were McGhan HP68. They are made by Allergan. 🤬 My implants had also been recalled because they are directly linked to causing Rheumatoid Arthritis in women, as well as other autoimmune diseases. When you google the type of implants I have, you can see immediately all of the problems and reports to FDA associated with them.

saline implants
These implants have a yellow tint to them. YUCK.

Yep. No shit Sherlock.

So for now...I’m down for the count for at least a couple of weeks. Healing. And I will begin detoxing ASAP!

I have had the best nurse of a husband. He has supported me through the process, has seen first hand what it has done to me and my body, he has been patient with me, and now he is doing the dirty work of post surgery. God bless him.

I have been very open about this process with our 12 year old daughter and our 6 year old son. Many might disagree with our decision. However, this is a perfect example of how important it is to love your body. It’s more important for me to show my children that what society tries to mold them into is NOT what God has designed for them. We want them to love themselves no matter what shape they are. Decisions have consequences. They are able to see how a bad decision on my part as a 29 year old wrecked my 30’s. We are now even more adamant to show them just how beautiful they are and try our very best to build self confidence in them.

People will say "well I have them and I am not sick." Maybe so, for now. But these implants, whether saline or silicone are made of chemicals that do not belong in the body. It is just a matter of time before their immune systems also start fighting back. For some, the symptoms appear quickly, for others, it takes longer.

ingredients in implants

Ladies, please please listen to your body. Do not let a doctor, or anyone else, bully you into thinking you are a lunatic, that nothing is wrong, or that you are just imagining things. Do not let them belittle what you are actually feeling. Find a doctor who will listen, who will believe you and help you heal.

We have a long ways to go, even though the FDA made strides this week. There are still issues with ALL breast implants that need to be addressed. Let's all pray for the decision makers to open their hearts and minds to what women with implants are saying. There are too many women suffering. Especially those who have had to have reconstruction due to breast cancer. My heart breaks for them.

If you know someone who would benefit from my story, please feel free to share.

If you would like to be added to the Facebook group that has over 87,000 women in it click here.

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