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Meet Mona...Mona Lisa

A few days ago, I posted about this door. Be kind. She has feelings. But she isn't exactly eye catching and she needed a makeover.

Enter in...Mona, Mona Lisa.

I like to sample the paint first, like on my make sure its the right consistency. (insert laughing with tears emoji)

Also note the big red strap that photo bombed me??? Its quite difficult to hold the phone in the wallet case and steady a full 8 ounces of paint.

So after a good shaking and a good stirring, the makeover began. This is a Plaster Paint One Step color. One step means that the sealant and paint are in one. It saves you time and is super durable, making the painting process so much easier. One Step is a self leveling paint. It is recommended to be applied with a synthetic paint brush. It does not show brush strokes when applied properly. It is really easy to use. Its also a great paint to use on cabinetry.

I chose Mona. But I almost chose Bungalow Blue. The struggle was real. I couldn't decide if it was better to paint the door to match the inside or if it should match the outside of the house. I chose the outside and I am so glad I did. It makes our porch cheery and welcoming.

Here is the finished product....

Much much better! I knew Mona was amazing. I finished her off with a little black glaze. She turned out beautifully!

If you are interested in painting your door, I would be glad to answer your questions, help choose a color, or offer my services. You can email me here.


Your neighborhood paint slinger

Ps. This project only took about 6 ounces. I opened an 8 ounce jar and only used about 3/4 of it. Yes...6 ounces. 2 coats. #dabombdotcom #theplasterpaintco #diy

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