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Top 5 pieces of 2018

This year has been amazing to say the least. I am forever grateful for the growth of my small business that allows me to use my God given talents on a daily basis. That being said, I have had the opportunity to paint several pieces over the past year. Here are my top five pieces for 2018, based on social media insights.

#5. "Chelsea"

This piece was a Christmas present. She had a horrible latex paint job when I snatched her up. After some TLC and DIY paint, she was brought back to life. She is painted in Old '57, Mermaid Tail, Farm Fresh, Hey Sailor, and two metallics including a copper and fireside color.

#4. "Crystal"

This was one of my personal favorites. I snagged this vanity in almost mint condition, which is typically unusual for vintage pieces. Sometimes they need a little repair love here and there. Her handles were original but definitely needed some color added. She is painted in an ombre finish in fireside metallic and topped with champagne metallic.

#3. "Fiume"

This piece is named Fiume, meaning italian river. She was actually painted after an inspiration photo I found on Pinterest. I am in a creative coaching group where we are given challenges each month. The challenge was to recreate a piece based off of a photo. It took me about 8 hours over two days to paint her up. She is one of my absolute favorites. And she is still available!

#2. "Clementine"

This guy is full of character and life. Inspired by the works of Katie Clemente, from Katie Clemente Studios, this buffet is colorful and full of charm. Rustic, yet refined. He has gold hardware and is a show stopper for any room!

He is also still available and is on display atKK's Corner Mall.

#1. "Madeline"

I can't keep 'em all. But this one, I would have. She is precious. This wardrobe is as cute as can be inside and out. She is also painted in DIY paint and finished off with DIY wax. She was also a challenge piece. She was sold and has a new home!

I am excited to see what 2019 holds! Follow you dreams, friends...


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