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When Babies Hit the Ground

My favorite time of year! This is the time of year when our mommas start calving.  We start in early August and calve through September and sometimes later. There is something so sweet about these babies. 

momma cows

When they first hit the ground, they are trying to get their wits about them.  They are wobbly, timid, and oh so cute. The proportion of their head to their ears is undeniably precious.  The first of the batch got his name for that reason.  We named him Peter, after Peter Rabbit, of course.  We name them all.  Probably not a good business decision.  We really shouldn't get attached to these sweet babies.  In the words of Mr. Cowboy "we can't keep em all, it's business." Boo.

Now the mommas aren't always as excited for us to be around them.  They often get a bit overprotective. 

We've been spotted.  She just ain't having it. 

cow kicking dirt

See what I mean?  She was kicking dirt like a bull in the arena.  I get it. I have a high respect for her mothering skills. 

She comes on over to get her baby up and moving. 

She paced and paced...this is one good momma...but can I just mention...I am so glad us humans don't have to carry around a bag like that! I mean, we have our own issues right after birth.  I know you know what I mean (insert laughing emoji).

momma and baby calf

She gets him up and makes sure the humans caused no foul. Don't we all just want to love on a newborn? 

She throws one last look.  As to say...get out of my house. She's a good momma.  I get it.  The humans need to leave and baby needs his rest.  

And that's enough visitation for today.  

Now for a name for #2.  



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